Attendance at weekend’s Frisco Fest sets record for most ever entrants

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 14, 2012

By David Vitrano


GARYVILLE – Sandwiched between two waves of extremely bad weather, this year’s Frisco Fest at San Francisco Plantation in Garyville attracted scores of people seeking a respite from being trapped inside by rainstorms.

“We’re so thankful that the weather held out,” said San Francisco Plantation General Manager Kim Fontenot. “This is the best we’ve done as far as attendance.”

That boost in attendance led to a great year for all the festival’s vendors.

“There are so many amazing crafters,” she said. “When you see it you just appreciate what they do.”

Fontenot said all the vendors and especially the plant vendors did very well this year, which will be one more reason for them to return next year. Another reason, however, may be the festival’s organizers.

“I’ve done it two or three times. The people in charge want to make you happy,” said Gerald Judice, who sells containers and pieces of art made from cypress driftwood. “The thing about coming year after year is you start to recognize people and make friends.”

It was not just the vendors who had a great year this year, however. Fontenot said every event, from the car show to the cook off, were successful. Additionally, the children’s activities such as the Eurobungee and rock-climbing wall stayed busy all weekend long.

Another popular draw was Geno Delafose and the French Rocking Boogie, who had attendees dancing in the barn all Sunday afternoon long.

“Traditionally in Louisiana, it was a big deal that on Sunday afternoon people would get together and dance,” said Fontenot.

Fontenot also commended all the industry volunteers who helped make the food tent such a great success.

“We really have a great food tent,” she said.

With the success of this year’s festival, maybe the planning process for next year will be just a little bit easier.

Said Fontenot, “Everything was so good this year that I don’t want to change anything.”

The winners of the various contests held throughout the weekend include:

Car Show

• Best Engine – Jon and Kathleen Bagala, 1957 Chevy Belair

• Best Interior – Jon and Kathleen Bagala, 1957 Chevy Belair

• Best Paint – Terry Neuville, 1968 Chevy Camaro

• People’s Choice – Danny Roussel, 1956 Ford Crown Victoria

Cracklin contest

Meat Category

First place – Wayne Jacob’s Smokehouse

Second place – Mike and Misty Bare, Triad

Third place – Gene Powell, Capital Valve and Fitting Company

Skin Category

First place – Tia Snyder Day Care in Paulina

Second place – Mike and Kristina Bare, Triad

Third place – Glenn Bakers Heating and A/C



First place male – Gregg Simon

Second place male – R. Holmes

First place female – Vanessa Ohmes

Second place female – Amira Baloney

First place child 12 and under – Gavin Vicknair

Second place child 12 and under – Alex McQueen

5K overall

Male winner – Gregg Simon

Female winner – Katie Babin

5K Children 12 and under

First place – Cross De La Cruz

Second place – Penelope De La Cruz

5k – ages 13-25

First place male – Farooq Sheikh

First place female – Chelsey Brignac

Second place female – Lin Schexnayder

5k – ages 26-35

First place male – Glen Vicknair

Second place male – Buddy Boe

First place female – Vanessa Ohmes

Second place female – Stephanie Ory

5k – ages 36-49

First place male – Bill Johnson

Second place male – Lonnie Weber

First place female – Michelle Jensen

Second place female – Eric Roussel

5k – ages 50-59

First place male – Za Maurin

Second place male – Tom Daley

First place female – Linda Baker

Second place female – Mary Ellen Pratt

5k – ages 60 and over

First place male – R. Holmes

First place female – Rene Guas