Elite Ladies Club salutes African-American professionals

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Elite Ladies Club of Emily C. Watkins has had the distinct honor of hosting two distinguished African-American female guest speakers Dr. Nakeisha Pierre and and Nicondra Norwood, on being successful elite ladies. Dr. Nakeisha Pierre, director of perioperative medicine at Tulane Hospital in New Orleans, and Nicondra Norwood, meteorologist with Fox 8 News, also in New Orleans.

Each guest speaker focused on what it takes to be successful in life by first and foremost having a vision for “yourself,” hard work, dedication, perseverance, sacrifice and selflessness. Though Pierre and Norwood have faced many challenges in life to get where they are today, never giving up has been the driving force to aid in their success as professional elite ladies in their perspective careers.

Bernetta Ambres, organization sponsor, stated that the young ladies have enjoyed hearing how vision, hard work, sacrifice and dedication are keys to success in life no matter what profession one chooses or where one comes from: “Success beginnings and ends with you.”

In addition, the young ladies have had the opportunity to view the Dr. Martin L. King video titled “Martin L. King: A Man and His Dream.” In viewing the video, they were able to understand why vision, sacrifice and hard work are so important to changing life situations.