Poll finds canine commercials popular

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 15, 2012



LAPLACE – Advertisements featuring animals, specifically dogs, seemed to be the key to success when comparing commercials from Super Bowl XLVI, which was played Feb. 5.Voters in last week’s L’Observateur online poll gave the most votes to two commercials that prominently featured canine actors. The highest vote total, 34 percent, went to a Doritos spot that featured a dog bribing his owner with a bag of chips to keep him quiet about a missing cat. Following close behind at 25 percent was an ad for Volkswagen that featured a dog trying to slim down so he could fit through a dog door and chase down a VW Beetle driving through the neighborhood.

The next closest vote getter was a controversial spot for Chrysler featuring Clint Eastwood talking about “Halftime in America,” which garnered about 16 percent of the vote.

A full breakdown of results is as follows:

• 16 percent of respondents chose “Halftime in America by Chrysler.”

• 34 percent of respondents chose “Dog Bribes Owner by Doritos.”

• 25 percent of respondents chose “Workout Dog by Volkswagen.”

• 9 percent of respondents chose “Ferris Bueller by Honda.”

• 16 percent of respondents chose “Other.”