The littlest thing sparks happy memories

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 28, 2012

I gave up on perfection a long time ago. It was a conscious decision made while at a studio selecting photographs to purchase. There were ample shots of Monique, then a toddler, calmly striking a pose for the camera. However, the one that caught my eye, the one the photographer assumed I’d toss, was my first choice. The close up revealed a Cheerio in her mouth.

“I’ve got to buy this one,” I said, “Otherwise, I might forget I put Cheerios in her white eyelet purse so she would have a snack in case we had to wait a long time before taking the pictures.” Apparently we had to wait long enough for her to get hungry but not long enough for her to finish eating.

I’m not sure which I prefer, the photos in the albums that are causing my shelf to bend or the stories behind them. I just hope never to have to choose.

But it’s not just photo albums that evoke our favorite memories. Mention Disney World or Powerade, and a member of my loving family will tell you about the time this tired mother practically stumbled to a concession kiosk in that Magic Kingdom to buy a specific drink for her thirsty yet picky child. Unfortunately for me, there were witnesses as I blurted out, “Boo Powade Peese.”

And travel down Airline Highway to an intersection that was once the location of a fried chicken restaurant. A large sign, meant to entice customers, boldly proclaimed, “Tastes just like Mama’s.”

My children thought they were really funny when they cringed and cried out, “Oh no, that place must be terrible! Please, mama, never take us there!”

Even shampoo bottles cause me to turn down memory lane to remember the day I discovered young Victoria was using shampoo to bathe. When asked why she thought that was okay, she said, “Look at the bottle. It says extra body. I thought that meant I could use it for my body, too.” She was just acting on her interpretation of the shampoo’s claim.

After I finished laughing about the incident, I thought of how many times I’ve bought something which boasted, “new and improved,” “freshest flavor” or “best value.” I even believe in the ability of hair conditioners that promise to take my hair from frizzy to smooth. And it’s at this point I question myself, “Do I have at least this much faith in the promises of God?”

I’d love to immediately and without reservation answer, “YES!” However, I find it much better to examine my heart, not just for the right answer but for the truth. Matthew 17:20 records Jesus’ encouragement to the disciples that even if their faith in the power of God was as small as a mustard seed, mountains could move.

It’s not the amount of my faith but the power of my God that makes the difference between success and defeat.

Is my faith perfect? No, but my God is flawless. And I don’t need photo albums or relatives to remind me of the times He’s been faithful to me in the past. Those memories are forever engraved upon my soul.

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