St. James Parish Hospital’s wellness team hosts stress management seminar

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 7, 2012

St. James Parish Hospital employees were recently invited to a stress-management seminar hosted by the hospital’s Wellness Committee. This event, entitled “Unwind Your Mind” left employees feeling more relaxed and better equipped to deal with stress.

Participating employees entered a dimly-lit community room complete with many of the workings of an actual spa. Employees were encouraged to remove their shoes and jackets and each had a yoga mat and pillow to lie on. Warm eye covers with soothing scents were also available for each attendee. Relaxing, natural sounds and smells filled the room as employees were treated to a few minutes of peace and education.

As employees allowed themselves to enjoy the tranquil setting, wellness team members quietly gave tips and tools to help improve each person’s quality of life by educating them on how to better manage stress at work and home.

Each employee was also treated to one tool of stress management — meditation. While laying down enjoying peaceful sounds and smells, employees listened to a recording of a mediator who helped relax their minds and bodies. After the session, employees were offered hot tea, refreshing fruit-infused water and tea cookies.

“The session was extremely relaxing. I am so thankful it was offered and look forward to another opportunity in the future for those employees who could not attend,” said Selma Simon, St. James Parish Hospital receptionist.