Another year, another chance for renewal

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 31, 2011

Another year has come and gone in the River Parishes.

Although many reports have said the general feeling among Americans is that they are happy to see 2011 go, in many ways, it was a year like many others.

Dissatisfaction with politicians and slow to no progress in the economy soured many on the year, but on an individual level, the year was filled with both joy and sorrow, laughter and tears, hope and despair. And ultimately, these are the factors that shape one’s personal reflections on the year that was.

Long after the year’s political worries have passed from memory, what will remain are the remembrances of the new life and hope that comes with occasions such as birth or marriage or the pain caused by death or separation. Ultimately, these are the things that shape one’s opinion.

So while a single person may have little control over matters such as the national economy, individuals are ultimately in control of their own happiness. If one finds that happiness eludes them, there are choices he or she can make to get back on the path to joy.

So, regardless of your feelings about 2011, remember tomorrow starts a new year and a new opportunity for growth and fulfillment.