HMS band and choir performs at Veterans Day celebration

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 3, 2011

The award-winning Harry Hurst Middle School band, under the direction of Heather Dahl, and choir, under the direction of Karl Harrod, performed at the recent St. Charles Parish Veteran’s Day Celebration hosted by V.J. St. Pierre at the Shriners’ Hall in Ormond. Forty members of the band and 55 choir members entertained the veterans, who represented the Iraq War and as far back as World War I.

The choir opened the ceremony with “The Star Spangled Banner,” then honored each branch of the armed serviced with a “Tribute To The Armed Services” by singing each group’s signature song. The band then entertained with “Message On The Rock,” telling the story of how the rock came to be. The ceremony ended with “God Bless America,” sung by the choir accompanied by the band.

The students were able to talk to many of the service men and women and learn more about what they experienced during their lives at that time. They were pleasantly surprised to see them singing along with the songs and stand and join in on the final selection.