Queen of Hearts baby pageant winners

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Baby – Junior Miss Queen of Hearts Pageant was held on Saturday, Nov. 12, in conjunction with the River Parishes Fall Festival at Sacred Heart School in Norco.

All Queens were presented on the main stage and officially crowned on Sunday, Nov. 13. All queens reigned over the festival on Sunday.

The following is a list of the winners in each division:

Super Sweetheart for 2011 is Monae Gordon

Baby Miss 0-11 months

Prettiest Eyes – Brynlee Ford

Prettiest Hair – Sirandin Murray

Prettiest Smile – Kaydd Pfister

Fashion– Sirandin Murray

Photogenic – Lainey Keller

Third Runner Up – Sirandin Murray

Second Runner Up – Alaiyah Matherne

Sweetheart Princess – Lainey Keller

Queen – Kaydee Pfister

Tiny Miss 12-23 months

Prettiest Eyes – Presley Bourdonnay

Prettiest Hair – Presley Bourdonnay

Prettiest Smile – Presley Bourdonnay

Fashion – Ansley Schmidt

Photogenic – Presley Bourdonnay

Sweetheart Princess – Ansley Schmidt

Queen – Presley Bourdonnay

Toddler Miss 2 year old

Prettiest Eyes – Lillian Drouin

Prettiest Hair – Lillian Drouin

Prettiest Smile – Taylor Bourdonnay

Fashion – Lillian Drouin

Photogenic – Taylor Bourdonnay

Sweetheart Princess – Lillian Drouin

Queen – Taylor Bourdonnay

Precious Miss 3-4 year old

Prettiest Eyes – Madison Troxler

Prettiest Hair – Madison Troxler

Prettiest Smile – Phoebe Bourgoyne

Fashion – Kristan Pfister

Photogenic – Phoebe Bourgoyne

Third Runner Up – Lauren Perkins

Second Runner Up – Alissa Ortego

Sweetheart Princess – Ali Prima

Queen – Anistin Murray

Little Miss 5-6 years old

Prettiest Eyes – Zoe Naquin

Prettiest Hair – Madison St. Pierre

Prettiest Smile – Mia Prima

Fashion – Mia Prima

Photogenic – Madison St. Pierre

Fourth Runner Up – Zoe Naquin

Third Runner Up – Emma Griffith

Second Runner Up – Madison St. Pierre

Sweetheart Princess – Mia Prima

Queen – Mallory Lloyd

Petite Miss 7-8 years old

Prettiest Eyes – Monae Gordon

Prettiest Hair – Alizza Stutzman

Prettiest Smile – Avery Bourdonnay

Fashion – Alizza Stutzman

Photogenic – Monae Gordon

Fourth Runner Up – Rachel Pizzolato

Third Runner Up – Brooklyn Perkins

Second Runner Up – Alizza Stutzman

Sweetheart Princess – Avery Bourdonnay

Queen – Monae Gordon

Deb Miss 9-10 years old

Prettiest Eyes – Heidi Hymel

Prettiest Hair – Emily Witt

Prettiest Smile – Heidi Hymel

Fashion – Emily Witt

Photogenic – Heidi Hymel

Third Runner Up – Skie Matherne

Second Runner Up – Emily Witt

Sweetheart Princess – Heidi Hymel

Queen – Halle Bourdonnay

Jr. Miss 11-12 years old

Prettiest Eyes – Haley Naquin

Prettiest Hair – MaCoi Hollins

Prettiest Smile – MaCoi Hollins

Fashion – MaCoi Hollins

Photogenic – Emmy Castelao

Second Runner Up – Haley Naquin

Sweetheart Princess – Emmy Castelae

Queen – MaCoi Hollins