Every day can be as unique as you want to make it

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 12, 2011

Yesterday, much ado was made over the uniqueness of the date. Made up of a series of six ones, 11-11-11, such an occurrence will not happen for another 100 years. For this reason many set it as a date for weddings or bought extra lottery tickets or just did things they had never done before to commemorate the special day.

If one stops to think about it, however, the date of each and every day of the year is just as unique. Each sequence of numbers appears only one time each century, and each day has the potential to be just as extraordinary as 11-11-11.

So, if you missed the opportunity yesterday to do that thing you have been waiting to do for years, do not despair. There are 50 more unique days in 2011 to action. What’s more, there will be 366 unique days next year to take advantage of.

So do not wait for some special date to roll around to do something extraordinary. Take full advantage of each and every day, and life could seem like one long 11-11-11.