The cancellation of “Memphis Beat” means the use of the St. John Community Center is once again up in the air. What do you think the parish should use the facility for?

Published 2:20 am Wednesday, November 9, 2011

c4d57a16-63c0-11e1-85c0-001cc4c0325c Keep using it for a soundstage. The productions brought extra revenue into the parish. 5
c4d57ab6-63c0-11e1-85c1-001cc4c0325c It is a community center, and the community should be able to use it. 26
c4d57b38-63c0-11e1-85c2-001cc4c0325c The parish should make it into an expo center for trade shows and other events. 7
c4d57bb0-63c0-11e1-85c3-001cc4c0325c Keep the building as a multi-use facility, but develop a workable schedule. 28
c4d57c1e-63c0-11e1-85c4-001cc4c0325c Other/none of the above. 3