Robottom re-elected parish president

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 26, 2011



LAPLACE – Incumbent St. John the Baptist Parish President Natalie Robottom, who was seeking her first full term in office after winning a special election, avoided a runoff and will remain at her post, according to unofficial election results.

Robottom was re-elected with 53 percent of the vote, beating out former Parish President and state Rep. Nickie Monica, who received 38 percent. Parish Councilman Ronnie Smith, the third candidate, received 9 percent.

Robottom said she and her staff “worked incredibly hard” over the past 16 months of her abbreviated term and added she is looking forward to a full four years of running the parish.

“I want the residents of the parish to know that we will keep this momentum going,” Robottom said. “We got a lot done in a short period, and I am pleased that the residents decided to give me another opportunity to do more.”

Robottom said she benefited from a diverse support group of residents who are interested in good government that is open and accessible to the people.

“I had faith that the people in this parish would do what is right,” Robottom said. “I had faith that the people of St. John Parish knew and saw a brief glimpse of what the parish could be when people do what is right for the citizens and not themselves.”

Robottom said she always looks back at how things were done in her first term to examine what worked and what didn’t. She said she intends to look at the way the parish government operates as far as the structure and methods of government. One topic of immediate focus will be economic development in St. John, which she and all of the candidates seeking office said needs attention.

“We need to look at the best way to bring business to the parish,” she said. “It is a struggle across the region.”

At his campaign party Saturday evening, Monica expressed disappointment over the outcome but said he is looking forward to spending some more time with family.

“The first thing I plan to do is break out my deer hunting licenses in the morning,” Monica said. “Life starts tomorrow. I have a lot of catching up to do with my family and a lot of catching up on making a living.”

Robottom, who served as Monica’s chief administrative officer, said the race was unique for her in that she was running against her former boss.