Don’t refuse the gifts you are given

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sunday morning, an African American gentleman that I respect smiled and asked, “Brother Keller, were you satisfied with the election results?” “Not all of them,” I responded, “but the people have spoken, and life moves on.”

I ran into a friend of mine Monday morning, and his first words were, “I lost my vote.” My response was, “Don’t ever say that! When you participate in the democratic process, regardless of the outcome, you never waste a vote.”

In St. John Parish, less than 50 percent of the voters exercised their right to express themselves at the polls. Statewide it was less than 40 percent. I can’t understand an American forfeiting their freedom to choose the people who will govern. Some use the excuse that their one vote doesn’t make a difference. Others say all politicians are crooks. Whatever the reason, those who don’t vote are usually the people who complain the most.

The choice not to vote is a personal decision, and you lose your voice in our democracy. To those people I say: It’s an insult to every man and woman who serves in the military protecting our freedom. Many unselfishly gave their lives to preserve our way of life.

This is not by any means a fair comparison, but many people will refuse the free gift of salvation. The Bible says many are called, but few are chosen. Jesus gave His life and shared His precious blood that all who chooses His free gift will enjoy eternal happiness in Heaven.

Both choices are free gifts. The big difference is when you choose not to vote, you only refuse to

have your voice heard. To reject salvation, you choose spiritual death and an eternity in Hell.

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