Don’t put off the little things

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It was more than 71 years ago that I first met Claribel Daigle, as she, her twin brother, Carl (now deceased), and I entered the first grade at St. Peter School in Reserve. That was the beginning of our 12-year school relationship.

After graduating from high school, we went our separate ways but always had an idea of each other’s whereabouts. Having birthdays in the same month and born only six days apart, I’d call on a few occasions over the years to wish her and Carl a “Happy Birthday.” We would meet occasionally and would always laugh as we reminisced about our early years. Belle (as I referred to her) and I always enjoyed the not-so-serious side of life.

Two years ago, at a gathering attended by many of our classmates, I told her, “Of all the people here, you and I are the only ones who really have it together.” She started to laugh and couldn’t stop and said, “You think so?” not realizing that I was serious. Before we left I said, “Belle, I’ll call you one day, and you, Jeanne and I will go to lunch.

Well, last Friday, after talking about it for two years, we finally met for lunch at Andrea’s in Metairie. We had a great time, and if laughter is the best medicine, we overdosed.

Belle shared a little about housekeeping. Laughing, she said, “I learned if you don’t disturb dust, it won’t bother you.” Another time she said, “I went to the hospital for a serious operation and didn’t tell Eric (her son) or anyone else about it. After the successful operation and a good report, I realized I couldn’t call anyone with the good news because no one knew I was in the hospital!” That’s the Belle I got to know over the years – independent and carefree.

As a retired Jefferson Parish elementary school teacher, she spoke of her teaching experiences. I knew she was a great teacher, and it was evident by the stories she shared.

Our lunch lasted more than two hours, but the time passed so fast.

As we left, we agreed to get together again soon. At our age, we can’t afford to wait too long.

On the way home I thought, “Why do people put off the little things that mean so much in life?”

I hope by sharing my lunch date with a special friend, it will motivate someone to take action on something they’ve been thinking about doing. The lesson to be learned is – Just do it!

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