Qualifying complete for Oct. 22 election

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 8, 2011

Updated from a story posted at 3 p.m.

LAPLACE – Qualifying is now complete for all races in the Oct. 22 general election. The qualifying period brought out few surprises, but nearly all local races have some opposition. The complete list of qualified candidates for St. John, St. James and St. Charles Parishes and locally impacted state races is as follows:

State Races:

Judge, Court of Appeal 5th Circuit, 3rd District, Division A – Robert A. Chaisson, Democrat and Madeline Jasmine, Democrat

BESE District 2 – Ferdinand Wallace Jr., Democrat; Louella P. Givens, Democrat; Kira Orange Jones, Democrat; and Pamela “Pam” Matus, Independent

BESE District 3 – Lottie Polozola Beebe, Republican and Glenny Lee C. Buquet, Democrat

Senator for Dist. 2 – Michael “Mike” Bell , Democrat; Elton Aubert, Democrat; George Grace Jr., Democrat; Zaine “The Queen” Kasem, Republican; Alfred “Al” Carter, Republican; and Troy E. Brown, Democrat

Senator for Dist. 18 – “Jody” Amedee, Democrat

Senator for Dist. 19 – Gary L. Smith, Democrat and Garrett C. Monti, Republican

Dist. 56 Representative – Gregory A. Miller, Republican; G. “RAM” Ramachandran, Democrat; and Emile Garlepied, Republican

Dist. 57 Representative – Russ Wise, Independent; Randal Gaines, Democrat; Shane M. Bailey, Democrat; Olangee “OJ” Breech, Democrat; and Albert “Ali” Burl III, Democrat

Dist. 58 Representative – Gail Holland, Democrat; “Ed” Price, Democrat; Heurlin “Chris” Delpit, Democrat; and Dwayne “Gully” Bailey, Democrat

Dist. 81 Representative – Kevin Hull, Democrat; Clay Schexnayder, Republican; Gillis Windham, Republican; Don Wheat, Republican; and Laura O’Halloran, Republican

Dist. 92 Representative – “Tom” Willmott, Republican

St. John Parish:

Parish President – Natalie Robottom, Democrat; Nickie Monica, Republican; and Ronnie S. Smith, Democrat

Sheriff – Michael “Mike” Tregre, Democrat; Wayne L. Jones, Republican; Aaron Lions, Democrat; and Steven Guidry, Republican

Clerk of Court – Eliana DeFrancesch, Democrat; Monica Gant Moton, Democrat; and Marva A. Lumar, Democrat

Assessor – Whitney Joseph Jr., Democrat

Coroner – Christy Montegut, Democrat

Councilman-at-Large Division A – Lucien Gauff, Democrat; Richard Dale Wolfe, Democrat; and Raydel Morris, Democrat

Councilamn-at-Large Division B – Jaclyn Hotard, Democrat and Nelson Guidry, Independent

District 1 Council – Carolyn “Cat” Johnson, Democrat; Arthur “Tat” Johnson, Democrat; “Art Dokie” Smith, Democrat; Brock “Big Real” Batiste, Democrat; Keith Miller, Democrat; and Norward “Norm” Johnson Jr., Democrat

District 2 Council – Ranney Wilson, Democrat; Demetria Robinson Carter, Democrat; “Danny” Millet, Democrat; and Warren J. Torres Jr., Democrat

District 3 Council – LaToya Julien, Democrat; Regan Tyler, Democrat; and Lennix “Tweet” Madere Jr., Democrat

District 4 Council – Marvin “Butch” Perrilloux, Democrat; Sandy West, Democrat; and Matthew Ory, Democrat

District 5 Council – Damon K. Davis, Democrat; Clifford Hebert, Republican; and Michael P. Wright, Republican

District 6 Council – Larry Snyder, Democrat

District 7 Council – Cheryl Millet, Democrat

St. James Parish:

Sheriff – Willy Martin, Democrat and Lester M. Ezidore, Democrat

Clerk of Court – Edmond Kinler Jr., Democrat

Assessor – Glenn Waguespack, Democrat

Coroner – Randall C. Poche, Democrat

Parish President – Timothy “Timmy” Roussel, Democrat and Rowdy Kennard Scott, Democrat

District 1 Council – Alvin “Shark” St. Pierre, Democrat and Denesia “Dee” Batiste, Democrat

District 2 Council – Jason Amato, Republican and Nathaniel “Nat” Jones, Democrat

District 3 Council – Wilson F. Malbrough, Democrat and Terry McCreary, Democrat

District 4 Council – Ralph Patin, Democrat and Persell Stewart Jr., Democrat

District 5 Council – Charles “I Spy” Ketchens, Democrat; Larry N. Clarke, Independent; and Edwin “Peanuckle” Whittington, Democrat

District 6 Council – “Ken” Brass, Democrat

District 7 Council – James “Jimmy” Brazan, Democrat; Kenneth “Stucky” Reulet, Independent; and Donald J. Nash, Democrat

St. Charles:

Sherriff – “Greg” Champagne, Republican

Clerk of Court – Charles “Charlie” Oubre, Democrat; Fenwick A. “Fenn” Swann III, Democrat; and Lance Marino, Republican

Assessor – Terry Authement, Republican and Tab Troxler, Republican

Coroner – Brian Brogle, Republican

Parish President – V.J. St. Pierre, Democrat and Billy N. Raymond Sr., Democrat

Council-at-Large Division A – Carolyn Schexnaydre, Democrat

Council-at-Large Division B – Kenny “Gatorman” Schmill, Independent and Clayton “Snookie” Faucheux, Republican

District 1 Council – Billy N. Raymond Sr., Democrat; Michael L. Dawson, Republican; and Terrell D. Wilson, Democrat

District 2 Council – Shelley Tastet, Democrat and Carl Cantrelle Jr., Independent

District 3 Council – Wendy Benedetto, Republican and Benny Jones, Independent

District 4 Council – Stanley J. Hebert, Independent; Paul J. Hogan, Republican; and Jason Richard, Republican

District 5 Council – Lawrence “Larry” Cochran, Democrat

District 6 Council – Eric Stumpf, Republican and Traci Ackerman-Fletcher, Independent

District 7 Council – Bryan Bedi, Republican and Dennis Nuss, Republican