Friends leave a lasting impact

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 6, 2011

As we go through life, God allows people to cross our paths who can teach us valuable lessons. One such person in my life was Ronald “Pyous” Fremin of Garyville.

Ronald died suddenly last week after one of his typical days. He had coffee and a biscuit at the Sandwich World in Gramercy. During the day, being Tuesday, he cut the grass at his church, St. Hubert’s in Garyville.

Ronald loved the church and was a tireless worker and strong supporter of all of its functions, a true servant, never looking for recognition but only wanting to serve God in a humble way.

Ronald and I were the same age. We attended high school together, but I never really got to know him. He didn’t play sports, attended school in his humble way and never caused any trouble.

He married Norma Cambre of Garyville, and they were blessed with three children, Ronald Jr., Tori and Sheldon, who died at age of 32. Unless you’ve experienced the lost of a child, it’s impossible to know the hurt. I never heard my friend complain about God giving him and Norma a raw deal. In

spite of the pain, he accepted God’s Will. He also had four grandchildren.

Ronald served in the U.S. Marine National Guard. He retired from Kaiser Aluminum and enjoyed LSU football and going on vacations.

About three years ago at a football booster’s club meeting, I invited

him to Danny Louque’s Bible sharing meeting on Thursday mornings. He took me up on the invitation

and attended regularly. Everyone has an opportunity to talk at each meeting, but Ronald only listened and never shared. After a while, Danny said, “Pyous, I want you to read John 3:16 at the beginning of every meeting.” He accepted his role, and every Thursday at 5:30

a.m. he would quote John 3:16: “For God so loved the world that He

gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” I think he only shared one time at

a meeting, but I believe he got

more out of the group than most people.

At the funeral, Father Bill Blank did something I never witnessed

at a funeral. He cried. It reminded me of the shortest Scripture in the Bible — Jesus wept at Lazarus’ death.

I’ll miss my friend, but with confidence, knowing he is enjoying eternity with his Heavenly Father.

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