Complete list of Qualifying candidates for Oct. 22 Election

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Updated from a story posted at 2:03 p.m.

LAPLACE – Qualifying for the Oct. 22 general election began this morning and some state and local races have already listed candidates. L’Observateur will keep a running list of qualifiers on our website with updates throughout the day. The qualifying period ends Thursday. As of 5 p.m., Qualifying candidates are as follows:

State Races:

Senator for Dist. 2 – Elton Aubert, Democrat; George Grace Jr., Democrat; Zaine “The Queen” Kasem, Republican; and Alfred “Al” Carter, Republican

Senator for Dist. 18 – “Jody” Amedee, Democrat

Senator for Dist. 19 – Gary L. Smith, Democrat

Dist. 56 Representative – Gregory A. Miller, Republican and G. “RAM” Ramachandran, Democrat

Dist. 57 Representative – Russ Wise, Independent and Randal Gaines, Democrat

Dist. 58 Representative – Gail Holland, Democrat and “Ed” Price, Democrat

Dist. 81 Representative – Kevin Hull, Democrat; Clay Schexnayder, Republican; Gillis Windham, Republican; Don Wheat, Republican; and Laura O’Halloran, Republican

Dist. 92 Representative – “Tom” Willmott, Republican

St. John Parish:

Parish President – Natalie Robottom, Democrat and Nickie Monica, Republican

Sheriff – Michael “Mike” Tregre, Democrat and Wayne L. Jones, Republican

Clerk of Court – Eliana DeFrancesch, Democrat

Assessor – Whitney Joseph Jr., Democrat

Councilman-at-Large Division A – Lucien Gauff, Democrat

Councilamn-at-Large Division B – Jaclyn Hotard, Democrat and Nelson Guidry, Independent

District 1 Council – Carolyn “Cat” Johnson, Democrat

District 2 Council – Ranney Wilson, Democrat and Demetria Robinson Carter, Democrat

District 3 Council – LaToya Julien, Democrat and Regan Tyler, Democrat

District 4 Council – Marvin “Butch” Perrilloux, Democrat and Sandy West, Democrat

District 5 Council – Damon K. Davis, Democrat and Clifford Hebert, Republican

District 6 Council – Larry Snyder, Democrat

District 7 Council – Cheryl Millet, Democrat

St. James Parish:

Sheriff – Willy Martin, Democrat

Clerk of Court – Edmond Kinler Jr., Democrat

Assessor – Glenn Waguespack, Democrat

Parish President – Timothy “Timmy” Roussel, Democrat and Rowdy Kennard Scott, Democrat

District 1 Council – Alvin “Shark” St. Pierre, Democrat and Denesia “Dee” Batiste, Democrat

District 2 Council – Jason Amato, Republican

District 3 Council – Wilson F. Malbrough, Democrat and Terry McCreary, Democrat

District 4 Council – Ralph Patin, Democrat and Persell Stewart Jr., Democrat

District 5 Council – Charles “I Spy” Ketchens, Democrat and Larry N. Clarke, Independent

District 7 Council – James “Jimmy” Brazan, Democrat and Kenneth “Stucky” Reulet, Independent

St. Charles:

Sherriff – “Greg” Champagne, Republican

Clerk of Court – Charles “Charlie” Oubre, Democrat; Fenwick A. “Fenn” Swann III, Democrat; and Lance Marino, Republican

Assessor – Terry Authement, Republican and Tab Troxler, Republican

Coroner – Brian Brogle, Republican

Parish President – V.J. St. Pierre, Democrat

Council-at-Large Division A – Carolyn Schexnaydre, Democrat

Council-at-Large Division B – Kenny “Gatorman” Schmill, Independent and Clayton “Snookie” Faucheux, Republican

District 1 Council – Billy Raymond, Democrat

District 2 Council – Shelley Tastet, Democrat

District 4 Council – Stanley J. Hebert, Independent

District 5 Council – Lawrence “Larry” Cochran, Democrat

District 6 Council – Eric Stumpf, Republican and Traci Ackerman-Fletcher, Independent

District 7 Council – Bryan Bedi, Republican