St. John Parish weather update: Sunday, 10:30 a.m.

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 4, 2011

As the center of Tropical Storm Lee moved inland, St. John Parish experienced sporadic rain bands throughout the night. Today’s forecast for Tropical Storm Lee has not changed drastically, but conditions have somewhat improved for St. John Parish. Residents are advised to stay off roads and continue to be prepared for power outages and bands of heavy rain and wind until the system moves out tomorrow. St. John Parish is still under a tropical storm warning and a flash flood watch with winds of 25-35 mph and gusts up to 50 mph. The parish also remains under a tornado watch until 4:00 pm.

Works and Utilities crews worked throughout the night and reported few problems. The number of calls to the 911 system decreased significantly over night and fewer power outages were reported. Parish plants, pumps and lift stations worked efficiently throughout the night and a break in the heavy rain bands allowed the drainage system to catch up. However, as storm water overwhelms our drainage system, infiltration puts a strain on our waste water plants. Residents should avoid unnecessary activities that could further tax the system. Drainage in the Riverlands Subdivision and the St. Peter area were much improved due to recent drainage projects in those areas. A few unrelated drainage problems were noted throughout the parish, but these will be addressed by parish employees. Severe flooding remains a concern in historically problematic areas, but these will be addressed in the coming months. “We look forward to completion of major draina ge projects in Homewood, the St. Joan of Arc/Persimmon St./Redbud area, and the Foxwood Subdivision to eliminate long standing flooding problems. Two of those projects are under construction, while the Foxwood project is being designed,” said Parish President Robottom.

As parish crews surveyed the parish this morning, water had subsided in many of the problem areas; however, flooding was reported in Garyville and parish crews were dispatched to address the situation. Fallen trees and tree limbs remain problematic throughout the parish. High water levels remain near Redbud and the surrounding area, and Peavine Rd, Frenier Rd, and Hwy 51 around I-10 and I-55 are closed. Entergy reported about 200 outages this morning, but this number fluctuates with episodes of intense weather. Through the remainder of the day, St. John Parish work crews will continue to inspect all areas of the Parish ensuring all pump stations, water and wastewater stations are functioning properly. Residents are encouraged to report flooded areas, downed power lines, trees or any other problems by calling.

Please stay tuned to the new centralized Emergency Alert System at, the Government Access Channel 15, and local news and weather stations for weather updates.