If you don’t know, do you feel better?

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 23, 2011

At a recent men’s Bible-sharing group, the moderator asked, “What is going on in our society?” referring to the epidemic of child abuse. He was visibly shaken by last week’s news from Thibodaux that Jori Lirette, a 7-year-old second-grader with cerebral palsy, was murdered by his father, Jeremiah Wright. Not satisfied with killing the innocent child, he beheaded and dismembered little Jori.

The same week, a 3-month-old boy was thrown against the wall and beaten because of crying. Another was beaten to death. All of these were reported by the news media and rightfully so.

Jori’s death made the front page of a statewide newspaper for two days. The coverage prompted a woman to write the following to the newspaper expressing her opinion of the coverage titled: “Child abuse hard to read.”

“Please stop running horrific stories of child abuse and neglect on the front page of the paper. We can’t take it anymore.

At the very least, bury it in later pages, not the front page! These

stories are hard to read and do

not provide any service to the public.

(Name Withheld)”

The writer evidently didn’t want the news to disturb her comfortable lifestyle. Isn’t that the attitude of most selfish people? They think that the less they know, the better they feel. Most Americans, even many pro-life supporters, have the same attitude.

During the meeting, I said all these tragic abuse cases have our attention because we can relate

to living human beings. How often do we think about the unborn babies destroyed in the mother’s womb by the cruel abortion procedure?

Regardless of public sentiment, God will never let the abortion issue go away. His Word says He knew you before you were in your mother’s womb. Evidently, He was talking about a human being.

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