According to reports, another Middle East dictatorship has fallen at the hands of rebel insurgents. What do you think about what is currently happening in the region?

Published 12:30 pm Tuesday, August 23, 2011

c4cf8c3c-63c0-11e1-8587-001cc4c0325c I think any time a nation moves toward democracy, it is a good thing. 12
c4cf8ce6-63c0-11e1-8588-001cc4c0325c I think the U.S. should take a more active role in shaping these fledgling democracies. 0
c4cf8d72-63c0-11e1-8589-001cc4c0325c I think any further destabilization in the region could lead to increased terrorism. 3
c4cf8df4-63c0-11e1-858a-001cc4c0325c I think it depends on the situation and the country involved. 6
c4cf8e76-63c0-11e1-858b-001cc4c0325c Other/none of the above. 34