High temperatures make hydration high priority

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 20, 2011

The heat is on, and that is not just a catchy tune from an old 80s movie. As the summer months continue to tick by, the temperatures seem to get warmer and new heat advisories are issued almost daily.

Although there is no reason to refrain from regular outdoor activities during these exceptionally hot afternoons, it is recommended that you don’t get caught up in your actions and forget to look out for yourself. Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control show nearly 320 Americans die every year from heat-related illnesses, and most of those deaths could have been prevented if the victims were more serious about dehydration.

It is recommended for anyone of any age participating in outdoor activities this time of year to hydrate and hydrate often. Consume fluids, preferably water, on a regular schedule and do it before you become thirsty.

Being acclimated to the heat isn’t enough.

Take several breaks, don’t overexert yourself, and if you feel dizzy or faint get to a cooler location indoors.