God uses many different messengers

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 20, 2011

As I was leaving the Reserve post office earlier this week, I heard someone yell, “Hey, Mr. Keller!” I noticed it was from a young man leaving Gem Drugs. “Mr. Keller,” he said, “wait a minute. I want to tell you something.”

He walked across the parking

area as fast as he could but had a noticeable handicap. As he approached me, he said, “Man, it’s good to see you. Do you remember me?” he asked. I really didn’t, but before I could answer, he said, “I’m Ernest Joseph. Ten years ago, Mr. Don Villa, the insurance man, took me to meet you. I had a drug problem, and you took me to SASAC (Seven Acres Substance Abuse Center) in Bogalusa. I stayed there seven days and then went to FTC (Fontainebleau Treatment Center) and completed the 28-day program.” “Have you been drug free since then?” I asked. “Yes sir,” he said with a smile.

I then remembered he had a

stroke prior to our meeting in 2001, and that caused his paralysis. He shared that he had the stroke while imprisoned for seven years. Released in 1997, he used drugs until 2001.

“I’ve been doing good, Mr. Keller.

I go to church and really am

happy,” he said. He shared that he attends Tchoupitoulas Chapel in Reserve.

As we were talking, my friend, Marsha Stein, walked up, and I introduced her to Ernest. He then proceeded to tell her his story and said, “This man saved my life!” I told Ernest it was God Who saved him. I was only a messenger used by God, just as Mr. Don Villa was.

Trying to make a point, I told Ernest that in the Bible, God used a jackass to stop Balaam from displeasing Him. “You see, Ernest, I was used by God just as the jackass was.”

My friend, Marsha, couldn’t resist and laughingly said, “Harold makes a good substitute for a jackass.”

Regardless of the humor in our conversation, the serious news is that Ernest allowed Jesus to change his life – the greatest miracle.

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