The Iowa straw poll put Michelle Bachmann at the top of the list of Republican candidates for president in the 2012 election. Who would you vote for in 2012?

Published 12:00 pm Tuesday, August 16, 2011

c4cef114-63c0-11e1-857d-001cc4c0325c Michelle Bachmann 6
c4cef1dc-63c0-11e1-857e-001cc4c0325c Herman Cain 2
c4cef25e-63c0-11e1-857f-001cc4c0325c Thaddeus McCotter 1
c4cef2d6-63c0-11e1-8580-001cc4c0325c Ron Paul 53
c4cef34e-63c0-11e1-8581-001cc4c0325c Rick Santorum 1
c4cef3c6-63c0-11e1-8582-001cc4c0325c Newt Gingrich 1
c4cef43e-63c0-11e1-8583-001cc4c0325c Jon Huntsman 0
c4cef4c0-63c0-11e1-8584-001cc4c0325c Mitt Romney 4
c4cef538-63c0-11e1-8585-001cc4c0325c Rick Perry 19
c4cef5c4-63c0-11e1-8586-001cc4c0325c None of the above. 45