Yvonne’s Directions in Dance wins big at major dance event

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 3, 2011

In Galveston, the week of July 13, the Dance Company of Yvonne’s Directions In Dance of Lutcher competed against more than 50 dance studios from around the country and area for prestigious top honors at Showstopper National Finals, the largest dance competition in the country. The event was broadcast live so family and friends at home could watch.

Yvonne’s Directions In Dance was inducted into the Showstopper Dance Hall of Fame. The studio name is engraved on a plaque and will be placed in the Showstopper’s Hall of Fame Museum. Yvonne Thomas, director, was presented with a crystal award at the teacher’s reception. Studios had to acquire 25 points from their entries at Nationals in order to be eligible to be inducted. Not Just A Doll, Sr. Division, and Tea Party, Jr. Division, were two of her numbers selected as top numbers to re-compete in the championships on the final day of competition.

The 2011 Dance Company members are Rayni Amato, Breleigh Bentivegna, Hannah Berthelot, Saige Brady, Jordan Brignac, Hannah Chauvin, Sydney Chauvin, Bailee Cortez, Bailee Culotta, Cassandra Delatte, Kamryn Deslattes, Mallory Duhe’, Sydney Folse, Melanie Frederic, Macee’ Gautreau, Taylor LaFrance, Alyson Louque, Sophia Miano, Jakoyia Miller, Riley Monica, Sydney Poche’, Lyric Roberts, RaeLynn Roussel, Kassie St. Pierre, Jasmine Taylor, Asasha Terry, Madison Vicknair, Mallory Villavaso and Carley Wilcox.

The group entries

Tea Party – Jr. Jazz

Crystal Award, first Division, fourth Overall High Score, Excellence in Jazz, seventh Place Championship

Boom – Jr. Tap

Double Platinum, first Division, tenth Overall High Score, Excellence in Tap

Not Just A Doll – Sr. Jazz

Crystal, first Division, fourth Overall High Score, Excellence in Jazz, third Place Championship

Pots-N-Pans – Sr. Tap

Double Platinum, second Division, sixth Overall High Score, Excellence in Tap

Shoe Shoppin’ – Production

Double Platinum, fourth Production

Soloists results

Breleigh Bentivegna – Supergirl

Platinum, third Division

Photogenic: eighth Place

Breleigh Bentivegna – Black & White Thunderbird

Crystal, first Division, seventh Overall High Score, Excellence in Tap

Saige Brady – I Want You To Need Me

Double Platinum, fourth Division, tenth Overall High Score

Jordan Brignac – Walk The Dinosaur

Platinum, fifth Division

Photogenic: third Place

Jordan Brignac – Dear Mr. Jesus

Gold, second Division

Sydney Chauvin – Ruby Blue

Gold, fourth Division

Bailee Culotta – Real Wild Child

Gold, seventh Division

Photogenic: fourth Place

Cassandra Delatte – I’ve Got Rhythm

Gold, first Division, Excellence in Tap

Cassandra Delatte – It Doesn’t Hurt

Gold, fifth Division

Kamryn Deslattes – Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That

Double Platinum, second Division, Excellence in Jazz

Mallory Duhe’ – Eternal Flame

Gold, second Division

Melanie Frederic – Roxie

Gold, second Division

Taylor LaFrance – Sugar Daddy Blues

Gold, first Division

Alyson Louque – 1001 Arabian Nights

Crystal, first Division, eighth Overall High Score, Excellence in Character

Sophia Miano – Catch Me

Gold, eleventh Division

Sydney Poche’ – Stand Out

Platinum, third Division

RaeLynn Roussel – Feelin’ Good

Platinum, first Division, Excellence in Musical Theater

Kassie St. Pierre – Keep Getting Better

Platinum, first Division