Congress struck a last-minute deal to raise the debt ceiling and keep the country from defaulting. What do you think of the deal?

Published 12:00 pm Tuesday, August 2, 2011

c4cdda90-63c0-11e1-8572-001cc4c0325c The deal is exactly what the nation needs right now. 1
c4cddb30-63c0-11e1-8573-001cc4c0325c Because of too much political infighting, the deal was watered down and not far reaching enough. 10
c4cddba8-63c0-11e1-8574-001cc4c0325c The deal does not cut spending enough or in a timely enough fashion. 11
c4cddc20-63c0-11e1-8575-001cc4c0325c The deal leaves things like health care too open to future cuts. 8
c4cddc8e-63c0-11e1-8576-001cc4c0325c They should not have raised the debt ceiling. 16