Don’t stay silent while crime is rising

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 25, 2011

“Silence Promotes Violence” is the message that was heard loud and clear at the “Stop the Violence” rally Thursday in Reserve. Rev. Donald Brown, organizer of the meeting, said the purpose was to address

the problems at hand, provide support and encourage citizen involvement.

The bottom line is for law enforcement to provide the needed protection. The community must come together. With over 65 churches in St. John Parish, that should not be a problem.

About 10 years ago, a group of pastors in New Orleans formed an organization called ACT, or All Congregations Together. The purpose was to approach the public officials to do something about the crime.

I wrote then and repeat that the church represents the Power (Our Lord, Jesus Christ) that has the solution.

The rally took place after the third murder victim, 42-year-old Frank Lewis, was discovered. The other victims are Eliza Fleming, 29,

murdered May 8, and Jamar Vinnette, 23, gunned down two days earlier.

This week, the sheriff held a press conference which aired on all New Orleans stations. He said, “There were witnesses to the crimes, but people are afraid to come forward.” He convincingly said, “We will find the guilty parties, and they will be brought to justice.”

God uses people to get a message across, and He used Ms. Eliza Eugene, the sister of Frank Lewis, at the press conference to challe-

nge the community. She pleaded

for the community’s help. “I’m standing here with a bleeding heart. I’m asking the residents of St.

John Parish to work with the Sheriff’s Office to see who committed these murders,” she said. “Dr. King says the greatest travesty is not those who commit atrocities

but those who stand by while

atrocities are committed and do nothing. Please, no longer stand


Remember, “Silence Promotes Violence.”

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