Lutcher High stadium should be finished by Aug. 1

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 15, 2011

By David Vitrano


LUTCHER – Contractors have poured many of the concrete slabs in preparation for the erection of the new Lutcher High School stadium later this summer.

“They’re doing an excellent job,” said St. James Parish School Board architect and advisor Perry Segura.

The aluminum stadium, which is partially pre-fabricated, is currently being assembled by the manufacturer in Florida, according to Segura. It is slated to be delivered during the first week of July and fully assembled onsite by Aug. 1.

“Will we have anyone check to make sure they’re building it right?” asked Board Vice President George Nassar.

Segura said because the manufacturer is located near Tampa, Fla., it was unlikely anyone would be able to visit the site but added, “We feel they are meeting the specifications.”

The stadium at Lutcher High School was damaged by fire in November of last year and after assessments by the fire marshal was demolished. Since the beginning of the project, the board has pushed for the new stadium to be completed in time for the upcoming football season.

Plans for a new stadium at the parish’s other high school, St. James High School on the west bank, are also underway but may have to wait until after this summer’s board retreat to be finalized.

“We got the plans just about as far as we can go,” said Segura, who noted the basic plans for the stadium are the same as for the Lutcher High stadium.

The reason the plans are being put on hold, however, is there has been some discussion over whether the district should relocate the stadium and, ultimately, the school.

Preliminary research into the matter has suggested the district would need to secure between 35 and 50 acres of land on the west bank to move the school, but nothing has been set in stone yet.

“We need to have some information in writing,” said Nassar.

Superintendent Alonzo Luce suggested the board discuss whether or not to relocate the school during the board retreat.

Other construction projects in the district have had to be put on hold while water levels in the Mississippi River remain high. Work at Romeville Elementary, Paulina Elementary and Vacherie Elementary has been restricted by the high water.

Lastly, the new media center at Lutcher High School is nearly finished, but some confusion over the bid process for the furnishings delayed getting that phase of the project started, so the students there will have to wait a month or more before taking advantage of the addition.