Pump pain may be in decline

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 1, 2011

By Baileigh Rebowe


LAPLACE – Lately gas prices have caused most to cringe, break out in a sweat or even shed a tear when pulling up to a gas station to fill their cars. It’s a normal feeling as gas is about 99 cents more today than it was a year ago. But recent trends in gas prices offer some hope for the nightmare most drivers’ encounter on a regular basis.

Recent figures have shown gas prices steadily dropping throughout the month of May in Louisiana.

Louisiana gas prices have fallen about 15.8 cents per gallon in a month and 5.4 cents per gallon since last week, according to gasbuddy. com. This drop is comparably lower than national averages, which reveal only a 3.2 cents per gallon decrease in the past week.

The average price of gas in Louisiana as of May 31 was $3.61. The drop in prices is starting to be seen locally, with some stations even weighing in below the national average.

Pit Stop Petroleum in LaPlace had one of the lowest gas prices on Tuesday with a price of $3.49 for unleaded gas. Shell and RaceTrac had prices a little higher, but they were still below the national average, with unleaded prices of $3.59 and $3.51.

With prices well over $4 a gallon in areas like California, this seems to be good news for residents of Louisiana and some might notice more cash in their wallets at the end of the week.