Goodies with grandparents

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 9, 2011

LaPlace – Grandparents of Wee Care students enjoyed a morning full of songs, laughter and love during Wee Care Center’s second “Goodies with Grandparents” event. On March 23, more than 300 grandparents and grandfriends spent time with their grandchildren participating in activities and touring the preschool and their classroom.

The 1- and 2-year-olds began the morning event by sharing donuts and juice with their grandparents. Later in the day, the 3- and 4-year-olds shared a jambalaya lunch with their grandparents. The jambalaya was made and donated by Robert Roussel, grandfather of Wee Care students Karsyn and Kaylyn Roussel.

“It was the most wonderful experience of my life to watch my grandbaby at school. The smile on his face when he saw us during his performance is something I’ll remember

forever. The cutest thing he did that day was after the first song, he thought he was done and he ran to us and gave us a big hug. It was a wonderful day,” said Jan Raney, grandmother to 2-year-old student Cohen Raney.

Romaguera Photography was on hand to capture precious memories between grandparents and grandchildren.