Former ‘American Idol’ contestant sets his wide eyes firmly on the future

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 19, 2011



LAPLACE – Although he was among the first to be eliminated from the top 24 finalists of “American Idol,” the stock is rising for LaPlace resident Jordan Dorsey, and there are no real signs of slowing.

The early exit did little to diminish the expectations the 21-year-old piano and vocal teacher, who wowed “Idol” judges with his smooth voice and boisterous personality, has put upon himself. Since returning home earlier this month, Dorsey has been planning performances, writing music and plotting the course for future ventures, many of which were made possible by the time spent on the show.

“That exposure on ‘American Idol’ has actually opened so many doors for me that just were not available before,” Dorsey said. “Since I got back home I have had management teams, producers and agents calling me almost non-stop. It is overwhelming, but I am embracing it.”

Dorsey said he already has a record deal in the works with Interscope and Universal but said he is not allowed to release anything on the label until at least December by virtue of a non-competition contract he signed during his time on “American Idol.”

“Anyone who signs a deal is pretty much barred from releasing anything until after the show is over and the winner has their stuff out,” Dorsey said. “Idol ends in June and the winner should have something out by the summer, so December is probably a good target date for me. I already have 10 original songs written, and I am very excited to get into a studio to start recording.”

To fill in the time before he can get into the studio, Dorsey said he is plotting out a summer concert tour of smaller venues across the nation. The performance tour, which will feature a 12-piece backing band and backup singers, will begin with a couple of shows close to home, including a 1 a.m. slot at the April 2 St. John Relay for Life event at Riverside Academy.

“I’m excited to be a part of this. It will be a unique performance,” Dorsey said.

Following that performance, Dorsey said he is also planning a huge birthday celebration at the Lyceum Ballroom in Baton Rouge that will bring together other former “Idol” finalists.

“I’m hoping to get Jovany Barreto, Lauren Turner and a few others,” Dorsey said. “We’ll have a red carpet and everything.”

Dorsey is also working on a clothing line he intends to market at his concerts and sell from his home base of operations in Vacherie, offered to him by Vacherie business owner Donald Nash.

“I have room to practice with the band, I have a place to continue vocal and piano teaching, I have offices to handle business, and I have a quiet place to be alone,” Dorsey said. “I am unbelievably grateful for this opportunity to develop the plans I have for the future.”

Although he is well on his way, Dorsey said he still does miss the “American Idol” lifestyle he was living for more than a month in Las Vegas and Hollywood. Even though he left earlier than he would have liked, he said he has no regrets about the experience.

“I wanted to move on, but I’m glad it is over,” Dorsey said. “I’m ready to do my own thing. I am very, very grateful for the support I got from this entire region. I can’t count how many people I know said they were in my corner.”

He said he also misses the time spent with fellow contestants, who all forged a bond with each other and were very supportive throughout.

“We were a big family out there, mainly because we had to be,” Dorsey said. “The schedule was incredibly strenuous. You ate, drank and slept music all hours of the night. There was little sleep, lots of waiting and intense work.

“It was hard, but I embraced it because it all worked up to that moment where you go in front of the judges and in front of an audience and you do your thing. That is what I loved because I thrived in it,” he said. “I loved the adrenaline rush from performing, and I’m looking forward to it again.”