Destiny Christian Center sends its own message on parade day

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 16, 2011

By Nyla Smith


LAPLACE – Destiny Christian Center of LaPlace hosted a celebration themed “Catch-a-Soul” in the church parking lot in conjunction with Krewe du Monde’s parade. 

The event featured evangelism and outreach ministry for parade-goers along Main Street near the sanctuary. Food, music, dancing, arts and crafts and games were also offered to participants, and a CD and pamphlet were given to those witnessed to by the church’s clergy.

The pastor and founder of the church, Steve Allen, said the event represented their church’s theme for the year.

“We profess this to be the year of harvest after souls,” said Allen. “Every year we run from the crowd, but God has placed us in a position where we can fish for souls.”

Marilyn Allen, Pastor Steven Allen’s wife, said she thought the event was wonderful and a great way for Christians to reach the world. She also said it offered their younger members an option other than parading.

“We normally give up our parking lot, but this year we stayed so our children can have a safe environment to enjoy themselves,” said Marilyn Allen.

Terry Mcknight of DCC worked the arts and crafts table, painting flowers and other requests on children’s faces as well as polishing girls’ nails. She took a moment to describe the day’s event.

“I think it’s awesome that DCC plans to take over Main Street,” said McKnight.

Other activities included performances by the church’s dance teams, “Young Men of Destiny” and “Destiny Purpose,” as well as a space walk and a few games of basketball enjoyed mainly by the adults.

Visitors Byron and Anitra Francis of LaPlace said they enjoyed the day’s event and described it in a positive way.

“The weather is nice, the people are great, and the food is excellent,” said Anitra.

The event ended hours after the parade rolled past the church’s Main Street location by giving away prizes donated to the ministry by local businesses. Prize winners spun a “Winner’s Wheel,” and no contestant walked away empty handed.

Prizes such as Avon products, T-shirts and CDs were given away as prizes. Angela Turner of Hair Headquarters in LaPlace donated a free wash and style for the game, and Bernadette Morris of Heaven Creations in Montz provided a free cake.