Pray for help with the future

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 11, 2011

Lauren, my marvelous middle child, is rarely found worrying. She’s full of life, enjoys her journey and doesn’t fret over the future. Because of this, I was surprised to hear her say, “When I graduate from college, I’ll have a degree in fashion and theater. People say we’re in a recession. What am I going to do?”

One friend had a quick answer, “She’ll look good and act like it doesn’t matter.”

For a recent project in her fashion class, Lauren had to present a makeover. It could be in the form of a poster or a PowerPoint presentation. In typical Lauren style, she decided to organize a fashion show. I thought the obvious choices for models would be her friends or sisters but then realized school and job obligations ruled them out. Lauren’s idea was quite different. “I want you, Mimi, Aunt Judy and Tommye Lou to model.”

Lauren was confident because her first three choices don’t work outside of the home, and her cousin, Tommye Lou, doesn’t work on Wednesdays. Oh, the things we’ll do for Lauren.

The topic of her presentation was “Making the Most of What You Have.” (I think it should have been, “Making the Most of WHO You Have,” but this was Lauren’s project.) Lauren assigned us each an event, instructed us to wear an outfit from our closets to fit the occasion and asked Aunt Judy to bring some of her many accessories so that we could display ways to change our looks. 

We met the night before to finalize the details. Lauren’s words got faster and louder as she filled us in on what she’d say, when we’d walk and what we’d wear. During the only pause, we all waited, wondering what could be causing this delay. Finally she admitted, “I just can’t think of my opening line. I want it to grab the attention of the audience. I want it to be a shocker.”

Aunt Judy instantly replied, “You don’t need to say a thing. When your class sees that we are your models, they will all be in a state of shock!”

The next day, before leaving for school, I overheard Lauren answering her grandmother’s questions concerning a jewelry change. “Mimi,” she patiently answered, “I’m not sure when I want you to do that. I’m just going to be led by the Spirit.” And I prayed again for Lauren’s presentation. Do I even pray about my children’s school projects? Yes, I pray about everything that concerns them.

Was Lauren nervous before the fashion show? Very! But she was prepared, and when she began to speak, she did so with the calmness and confidence she typically displays. The class loved us, or they were too polite to act otherwise, and we had so much fun.

Our grade, I mean Lauren’s grade, has not yet been posted, but I’m sure it will be a good one. And although I’d love to take the credit for her success, I know it lies elsewhere. Without realizing it, Lauren followed the advice of George Washington Carver, “Pray as if it all depends on God, but work as if it all depends upon you.”

So what will Lauren do upon graduation next year? Her uncle asked her that same question. If she continues to prepare for her future, and trust God to empower those preparations, I have no doubt that Lauren’s answer to her uncle will come to pass. “I’m not sure, but something will open up.”

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