How do you feel about the Reserve-Edgard ferry finally returning to service?

Published 11:00 am Tuesday, January 18, 2011

c4be7118-63c0-11e1-84e0-001cc4c0325c I think it’s fantastic, and I plan to use it daily or almost daily. 12
c4be71c2-63c0-11e1-84e1-001cc4c0325c I like it, and I plan to use it occasionally. 14
c4be723a-63c0-11e1-84e2-001cc4c0325c I like having the option there even though I will probably not ride it all that often. 20
c4be72b2-63c0-11e1-84e3-001cc4c0325c I don’t really care about it one way or the other. 8
c4be7320-63c0-11e1-84e4-001cc4c0325c I think it’s a complete waste of money. 39