Some sayings from the past

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I like to sit and relax and watch a lot of the old movies. While watching these movies I began to notice that the actors used words or phrases that are not used this day and time. Being from Ponchatoula and starting to work in LaPlace in 1984, I often hear phrases that are not used in Ponchatoula but are often used in LaPlace.

I thought you too might find some of them interesting and bring back memories. When I was a child, I heard these phrases on a regular basis.

• The kids are out sparking tonight- going on a date.

• Let’s go to the flick- go to the movie.

• Let’s go sit on the gallery – go sit on the porch.

• I want a pop- a soda.

• Go fetch me some water- go get water.

• Put your britches on- put on your pants.

• The town is over yonder- town is far away.

• Let’s go get some vittles or grub- go get food.

• I heard a varmint last night- wild animal.

• Don’t get up till you sop your plate- clean your plate.

• If you don’t stop, you’re going to get a flogging- whipping.

When it came to money it was referred to as two bits, twenty-five cents, four bits, fifty-cents, six bits, seventy-five cents and a dollar.

I would bet if you were to ask our younger generation the meaning of some of these terms, they would not have a clue what you were saying. On the other hand, if you had a cell phone in your hand and handed it to them, they could send a text message before you could finish your sentence. Then, if you are like me, you might be the one asking them to interpret the message.

The Louisiana Treasures Museum has hundreds of items from the past preserved so that the younger generation can learn from the past. If you have any sayings or phrases that you can remember, please give me a call so I can write them down and record them for history. I can be reached by calling 225-294-8352, please call for more information and hours of operation.

Wayne Norwood is a lieutenant with the St. John the Baptist Sheriff’s Department and owner and operator of the Louisiana Treasures Museum.