Always make room in your heart for Jesus

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 18, 2010

During Monique’s recent visit, I reminded her, “Look in the garage.

I have extra garland. Do you still need some?” Less than a minute ticked away before she was back in the kitchen holding a large plastic bin filled with Christmas decorations.

“Could you open the front door for me?” she asked. “I’ll just take this whole bin and look through it later.” I watched her disappear, and whispered ‘good-bye’ to the bin I will never see again. The decorations, though, will somehow be recycled, for Monique has recently become quite sentimental.

Geoffrey then informed me of an amendment to his Christmas list, which previously had only one item, a suit. After some apparent deliberation, he scratched off the suit and is asking for something Xbox related. Boys who like video games grow up into young men who like video games. It really does make me happy that my otherwise thoroughly seriously minded son still enjoys Xbox.

Earlier, I used a shopping trip with Lauren to share something I had learned. “Did you know fire ants eat the worms which destroy sugar cane? Don’t you

just love finding out this type of information? Don’t you love the

fact that everything has a pur-


Instantly Lauren responded, “So what’s the purpose of the worm?” I quickly changed the subject. But with Lauren, a young woman of many thoughts and many words, any topic results in interesting dialogue. And lots of laughter.

Elise is enjoying her life as an independent college student, except for the financial challenges. Somehow her budget cuts expand ours. On a recent visit, she brought her laundry. “Don’t you have a washer and dryer?” I asked.

“Yes,” she answered, “But I’m trying to cut back on my utilities.” On a positive note, laundry does lengthen her visits, and it’s a lot more fun hearing her stories in person rather than over the phone or through text messages.

It took a while for Victoria to come inside after school. She explained the delay, “When I noticed the beautiful yellow leaves on the trees, I just had to get closer to them.” So she did. She threw her book bag to the ground, and climbed up the tree. I’d write more about this, but Mrs. Mary Ann Brady asked me not to pick on Victoria so much. So I won’t. For the remainder of 2010, I won’t pick on Victoria.

Five children. Five personalities. Each will forever have a place in my heart. When someone is important to you, you make room for them.

As Dec. 25 nears, we will likely revisit the story of the very first Christmas, the birth of Jesus. The manager scene is a vivid reminder of the humble birth of our Savior, born in a stable because there was no room in the inn. And it’s always, at this part of history, that I ask myself if there is still room in my heart, in my life and in my thoughts for Jesus. Or have I allowed myself to be filled with other things that are not as significant? When Someone is important to you, you make room for Him.

Merry Christmas!

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