When shopping, keep eye on bigger picture

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday has come and gone, and shoppers can now look forward to full parking lots and long lines at retailers for the next four weeks.

Faced with these obstacles, it can be easy to forget one’s sense of community, but it is exactly these sorts of situations that test one’s “spirit of the season.”

The holiday season is not about who can get their hands on the latest and greatest gadgets for the lowest price; in reality, the most important kind of giving that is done during December happens in less tangible ways. Conveniently, the madness of holiday shopping offers ample opportunities for such giving.

A little bit of courtesy, whether it be in the parking lot, at the bargain bin or in the checkout line, can go a long way.

So take off the blinders when out shopping. Everyone wants to be a hero on Christmas morning, but it is a short-lived victory. The real triumph is imparting to a younger generation a sense of good will and compassion by setting a good example. That’s a triumph that will last a lifetime.