Poll finds news still main attraction in newspapers

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 13, 2010

By Robin Shannon


LAPLACE – A newspaper, whether it be daily or twice weekly, offers a wealth of information on a wide assortment of topics. However, of all the subjects covered regularly by L’Observateur, our readers have shown that they seem to be most interested in reading about the people, places and events that make our community great.

In honor of National Newspapers week last week (Oct. 3-9) L’Observateur asked visitors to its website, “What do you most look forward to reading in L’Observateur?”

The majority of those who responded leaned toward news with news features just barely beating out hard news.

News features, which includes people, profiles and lifestyles, racked up 34 percent of the vote, which was just a shade more than those who voted for hard news stories involving crime, council, politics, etc. The hard news option garnered 34 percent.

Our readers also pay a good amount attention to the sports section. The poll shows that about 20 percent of our readers look first at the stories about local high school athletes.

Obituaries, with 12 percent of the vote, rounded out the top answers from local readers

A full breakdown of results follows:

• 34 percent of respondents chose “News Features (people, profiles, lifestyles).”

• 32 percent of respondents chose “Hard News Stories (crime, council, etc.).”

• 20 percent of respondents chose “Sports”

• 12 percent of respondents chose “Obituaries.”

• 2 percent of respondents chose “TV listings/entertainment.”