Looking back through the years

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 9, 2010

Second-grade class of 1942 are (bottom row, left to right) Eugene Keller, Harry Champagne, Harold Keller, Ronald Jacob, Edward Battard and Clark Borne; (second row, left to right) Elaine Champagne, Juanita Camallo, Joan Luminais, Helen Weber, Joyce Solo, Marlene Berthelot, Hazel Boe, Kathryn Roussel, Marie Millet, Annaise Cambre, Carolyn Millet, Gayle Hahn, Elizabeth Englade and Melba Duhe; (third row, left to right) Leonard Sutton, Wilson Vicknair, John Maurin, Millard Simoneaux, Marjorie Duhe, Dolores Perilloux, Gay Haydel, Emile DeLaneuville, Lynn Breaud, Irvin Jacob and Charles Pizzolato; and (fourth row, left to right) Dave Duhe, Farrell Aucoin, Eldon Catoire, John Oubre, Haywood Bourgeois, Raphael Songy Jr., John Scioneaux, Pamphile Weber, Hayes Weber, Carl Champagne and Stephen Deslattes.