There comes a day in every dad’s life

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 23, 2010

When Marie Ory Dupont tried to arrange a blind date for my daughter, Monique, to meet the new teacher at St. Charles Catholic, Monique refused. She hates blind dates.

When Victoria told Monique, “You just have to meet my science teacher,” Monique declined her youngest sister’s request. Apparently she feels the same way about science as she does about blind dates.

But when Monique realized Marie and Victoria were talking about the same person, and this person, Frank Roth, began texting her (thanks to Marie), she decided to respond. That was over 10 months, many dates, more phone calls, and mountains of text messages ago.

Frank’s phone calls, however, weren’t limited to Monique. He recently called my husband and arranged to meet with him. Michael called me soon after their meeting and asked, “Do you have any problems with Frank? He wants to propose to Monique, and the ring is beautiful.”

I wish I could remember where I was when I received the call. I think I was at a baseball game. According to my son, Geoffrey, “There’s only one thing we know for sure. You were not standing by the stove.”

Although Michael and I agreed that Frank would be a great husband for Monique and a wonderful addition to the family, Michael never called Frank to tell him. Frank waited a week, then called Michael again for the answer. Although Michael approves of Frank, he is just not ready to walk his daughter down the aisle.

Monique had an appointment the following day to sign the papers for the new-to-her home she was buying. That morning, our family received a text message from Frank, alerting us of his plans to propose. I called my Aunt Judy Duhon to tell her the news, and she said, “You have to buy a cake to celebrate.” That evening, after Monique entered her first home, she turned to find Frank on one knee. And she said, “Yes.”

Her Aunt Kay Serven was the first to arrive minutes later, and Monique’s house was soon filled with family members eating cake, offering their congratulations on the engagement and approving of her day’s purchase.

Soon after, many of us headed to a Zephyr’s baseball game, courtesy of Monique’s Aunt Ann and Uncle Mike Watson. As soon as we sat down, we looked at the scoreboard and saw, “Congratulations Monique and Frank.” Her Uncle Matt Keller had arranged for that message to be displayed throughout the game.

Although a date has not been set, yes, we are excited about the upcoming wedding. Yes, the ring is beautiful. Yes, we are busy getting Monique settled in her home. And, no, Michael is still not ready to walk his daughter down the aisle.

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