Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 17, 2010



Chalk up another crown for LARAYO.

The Barracudas continued their dominant, decade-long roll last weekend by winning the River Parish Swim League Invitational, securing another sweep of the league’s regular season and postseason championships.

“I’m very proud of the kids,” said LARAYO coach Michelle Jensen. “We had a number of high point winners, and a large number of our swimmers turned out for it. Everyone’s very excited, it was a great weekend.”

Against the entire slate of competitors in the swim league, six LARAYO swimmers swept all three of their events. Emily Schexnayder, Cody Schafer, Paige Williams, Meredith Keating, Brandon Klibert and Maggie Trepagnier all captured three first place events.

“We had quite a few age groups with three of the four high point winners, and in others we had two of four,” Jensen said. “It’s a testament to the quality of those swimmers and their dedication to it. There was a lot of great competition at the Invitational, a lot of year-round swimmers. And there were a number of exciting, close races.”

Will East and Chelsie Cupit each captured a pair of first place finishes for LARAYO. Riley Weber, Josh Tamplain, Luke Brouwer, Kaile Levatino, Evan Brady, Kelly Campbell, and Catherine Monica rounded out the Barracuda first place winners.

LARAYO had numerous high point scorers at the Invitational. They included: Weber, Tamplain, Drew Schafer, Schexnayder, Courtney Brouwer, Blakely Heltz, Campbell, Levatino, Brady, Luke Brouwer, Josh Vicknair, Alex East, Jordan Jensen, Cody Schafer, East, Jacob Jensen, Williams, Keating, Cupit, Klibert, Ben East, Trepagnier and Monica.

Riverlands, meanwhile, took a fourth place finish, behind LaVacherie and Hill Heights, both of whom the Stingrays tied in the regular season for second place with a 4-2 record.

“I think that overall we had a great season. Tying for second in the league is great, and we finished fourth in invitational,” said first year Riverlands coach Lindsey Eichhorn.

“We came a long way from where we started this season and we all learned a lot. I’m really proud of everyone here.”

Riverlands high point scorers included Anna Guidry, Grace Richoux, Merryn Guidry, Jack Chapman, Will Torres, Daniel Jaubert, Alexander Zenicki and Matt Torres.

Zenicki captured a pair of first place finishes for Riverlands.

Chapman, Richoux, Brett Landry, and Merryn Guidry each captured first place finishes for Riverlands.

Belle Terre finished sixth at the event

Belle Terre’s high point scorers were Colby Watkins, Gage Alleman, Tyra Watkins and Cari Jane Roussel.

Alleman took two first place finishes for Belle Terre. Colby Watkins nailed down another for the Piranhas.

Kyle Wilking, also finishing his first season as coach for Belle Terre, said that he, like Eichhorn, was also pleased with the progress of his team throughout the season.

“They didn’t let the heat get to them this past weekend and they listened to the advice I gave,” said Wilking. “They put forth a lot of effort. There were a lot of rivalries, but I told them to ‘swim for yourself.’

“I felt like, just coming over from Riverlands, it might take them a little while to adjust to my coaching style.

But they did, and they accepted me. We improved as the year went on, and I feel like this team has plenty of potential.”