A new chapter at Riverside Academy

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 2, 2010

By David Vitrano


RESERVE – In honor of new Principal Perry DiCarlo’s first official day on the job, Riverside Academy held a pair of meet-and-greet sessions Thursday evening.

In the library, staff and faculty members dined on wine and cheese while meeting their new chief administrator.

Board member Ryan Cashio said, “Great guy. A lot of great ideas. He’s really going to move the school forward.”

Kerri Roussel, who has spent much of her life at Riverside first as a student and now as a fifth-grade teacher, echoed his sentiments. “I’m so excited for this new principal. He’s going to be great. It’s great to have an enthusiastic principal come in.”

“I think he’s a good fit,” added Elementary Supervisor Sydney Perret.

Thursday’s event also gave the employees a chance to catch up.

Said Diane Giardina, who has been with the school for over 30 years,” We love it. We’re getting to see our friends who we haven’t seen in all summer.”

“It’s nice to have this kind of activity,” added teacher Michelle Graci.

Across the campus in the school’s cafeteria, several parents of Riverside students showed up to meet DiCarlo.

Sarah Rando, a Riverside grandparent, was one of those who spent a little one-on-one time with DiCarlo.

“I’d never met him before, and I’m highly involved in raising Dominic,” she said.

Another set of parents came out more for moral support than anything else.

Edward Pastureau, the father of a senior, said, “We’ve known the DiCarlos before. His son and mine were in the same basic classes at St. Joan of Arc.”

His wife, Gina Pastureau, added, “We’re pleased with the choice.”

At least one of the members of the Riverside community who was there Thursday had not yet gotten a chance to meet the new principal, but she was sure that chance would come soon enough.

Said fifth-grader Chloe Trosclair, “I’m going to see him in the office.”