With Independence Day quickly approaching, backyard grillmasters are getting ready for their chance to shine. What is your favorite thing to cook on the grill?

Published 6:00 pm Tuesday, June 22, 2010

c4ae017a-63c0-11e1-8440-001cc4c0325c Steaks 26
c4ae021a-63c0-11e1-8441-001cc4c0325c Burgers 19
c4ae0292-63c0-11e1-8442-001cc4c0325c Fish/seafood 5
c4ae030a-63c0-11e1-8443-001cc4c0325c Ribs 19
c4ae0378-63c0-11e1-8444-001cc4c0325c Veggies 2
c4ae03f0-63c0-11e1-8445-001cc4c0325c Chicken 7
c4ae045e-63c0-11e1-8446-001cc4c0325c Other 2