End of school doesn’t mean end of safety

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ah, the glorious days of summer with warm weather, family vacations and no school. Yes, it is the time for our youngsters, free from the confines of the classroom, to hang out with friends and play until the fall semester rolls around again.

It is also the time to be just as alert for children on the streets when driving. Just because those blinking school zone signs are not warning us to slow down, does not mean drivers can relax their guard. In fact, it might be wise to be on the alert more often. School is out and that means children will be walking, running and playing in more places than school zones.

Children are not always aware of cars and traffic, and may dash out in the street to grab a ball. So please be careful out there when driving, especially through subdivisions. More children will be playing out in their yards and on the streets for the next couple of months, so keep alert while in your car.

Children will be spending time in the pool, so parents should keep an eye on them at all times. A second of inattention can lead to a lifetime of tragedy. Kids are tough, but their small lungs can succumb to water a lot faster than an adult’s.

While they are out in the sun, make sure the children have plenty of sunscreen, wear a hat and protective clothing. No matter what your opinion of global warming is, our sun can get awfully hot in the summer, and even a small sunburn increases the chance of skin cancer in later years. Just make sure the children are slathered with sunscreen that has a high sunlight protection factor number.