You can find relaxation anywhere

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 29, 2010

As soon as we landed, my husband and I retrieved our luggage, boarded a shuttle, rented a car, competed with hundreds of other vehicles for space on the interstate and bypassed numerous high-rise buildings until we found the hotel. So far, this large city resembled many others. Several restaurants, stores and attractions vied for our attention. However, I would not be distracted. I put my luggage in the room and headed back downstairs and out of the back door to the river.

Nestled in the middle of San Antonio, one story below street level, this quiet waterway begged me to sit down and relax. Although the sidewalks along the river are lined with shops, restaurants and galleries, it is surprisingly tranquil. It’s a perfect spot to escape the heat, traffic and busyness of the city. I’m grateful to have learned of this place, for I never saw it from the street. I had to go beyond the buildings, noise and activity at the surface to reach my destination, but it was worth the effort. And here is where I chose to spend much of my short visit to San Antonio.

As I sat along the river’s edge, I realized that escaping to a different level is something I do often. I always thought my prayer list would be shorter as the children got older. I also thought stress would diminish if I didn’t work outside of the home. In both cases, I was wrong. As circumstances have changed, other tension producing issues wait’ for an opportunity to occupy my mind. I don’t go too long before looking for a way to escape. Whether in San Antonio, or LaPlace, it is necessary for me to withdraw from the crowd, ignore the temptation of activity and seek a place to communicate with God. During these times of prayer and worship, I find peace and rest for my mind as God fills my heart.

Like the city of San Antonio, regardless of how I look on the outside, on a deeper level, I have discovered a place of rest and refreshment. It’s not the heart of a city, but the heart of God where I choose to retreat.

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