The words from a Chrisitan leader to Class of 2010

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 29, 2010

I received the following e-mail Monday morning:

“Good Morning Harold,

I have been up since 3 a.m. with this on my mind. My niece, Jamie Landeche, was a 2010 graduate at Riverside Academy. She was also

an FCA member and received awards, recognition and a scholarship. However, due to the

unfortunate events that transpired at graduation, the principal failed to have Jamie deliver the

closing prayer-benediction to her classmates

and visitors. It is tradition to send off the class with a closing prayer. This is so important and vital. My family and I were heartbroken that

she wrote this prayer from her heart and was

not able to share. Jamie is a beautiful Christian young lady and we love her with all of our

heart. Would you be so kind

to include in your article

her closing prayer for anyone who may have been at graduation and would like to read



Debbie Landeche Schmit”

Closing Prayer for 2010 RA Graduation

Dear God,

Please let Your grace shine on my fellow graduates. Protect those that have gathered here to celebrate with us and lead us all with confidence in our new lives. Guide us so that we may know love and success in whatever we do after graduation. Please watch over us and keep everyone safe as we enter our new lives. As we are the Class of 2010, follow us, protect us and keep us in your graces and bless those who could not be with us on this graduation day.

In Jesus’ Name,


Jamie Landeche

Yes, Debbie, I agree that Jamie is one of the most Christian-like young ladies I’ve ever met. She has been a valuable part of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes that I am privileged to have led for the past five years.

I thank you for sending me Jamie’s closing prayer to share with the people who were not given a chance to hear it. I have no doubt that whatever Jamie does in life, she will be successful.

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