Alcohol can change everything about a person

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Exactly one year ago, a man called me from Jefferson Parish. He gave me his name and asked if I remembered him. I didn’t, but asked if I could help him.

He proceeded to tell me that his sister, who was living with him and his wife, was a chronic alcoholic. “We don’t know what to do and thought you might help,” he said. We agreed to meet in LaPlace over a cup of coffee.

After meeting the sister, I was reminded of the following which a pastor wrote about the effects liquor has on a woman:

“It will lick the roses from a woman’s cheeks, the beauty from her face, the health from her body, the pearls from her character and will send her to an early grave ‘unwept, unhonored, and unsung.’ It will lick the wife’s affection from her husband, from her precious children, from her home and most important, away from God.”

The lady I met that day had no hope, with a family not knowing what to do. I suggested I could possibly get her in a Christian program (Morehouse Challenge) in Bastrop, La.

They called Morehouse Challenge, and after four or five days the director of the program contacted her and said they had a bed for her if she was willing to go. She agreed and last May entered the program.

Two weeks ago, Sister Toni Edwards, the director, called and told me that this young lady would be graduating on Sunday, May 16. She invited me to attend the church service and wanted me to speak. I accepted and was anxious to see what changes had occurred in her life.

When I arrived at the church, a few ladies had just finished choir practice. I greeted each of them and asked where she was. One young lady said, “You just finished talking to her.”

I was amazed at her physical change. I didn’t recognize her!

The graduates each had the opportunity to share a few minutes. This young lady started her short testimony with, “When I got here, I had a bad attitude and a carton of cigarettes. God took both of them away.”

She shared how Jesus had filled a void in her life. She concluded her talk with a commitment to love and serve the Lord the rest of her life.

After the service, she shared with me that she would be staying in the program to help the staff.

Jeanne and I were blessed that God allowed us to see this life-changing miracle.

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