Robottom sworn in Tuesday

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 12, 2010



EDGARD – Under a continuing theme of service to the people of St. John the Baptist Parish, Natalie Robottom was sworn in as Parish President during a Parish council meeting in Edgard Tuesday.

Standing before a packed courtroom at the St. John Courthouse, Robottom spoke optimistically about cooperation between parish administrators and council members.

“This will be a great opportunity to speak positively about St. John Parish,” Robottom said. “I am truly humbled you have chosen me to serve.”

Toward the end of Tuesday’s meeting, Robottom announced the selection of some key members of her administration, including her chief administrative officer, which will be Marie Brown-Mercadel, the current chief of staff for the State Department of Social Services. Robottom said the two have worked together on several projects during Robottom’s time at the state capital.

Robottom also named Angelic Sutherland, a LaPlace attorney, as an assistant to the parish president who will chair the parish’s committee on government ethics and also provide legal assistance to several parish departments.

Robottom said she has decided to keep Pat McTopy, who has been serving as acting Parish President, as her chief financial officer until May 31. She also said acting CAO Buddy Boe will stay on as her communications director until the end of the month.

Robottom said she will meet with her entire administration today and said she plans to create a Presidential advisory committee to address ethics in the parish.

“This group will include representation from the council, people from my campaign staff, as well as other members of the public,” Robottom said. “I plan to have them come back to me in 60 days with a report on where the parish stands.”

Robottom closed the meeting by thanking the council members and acknowledging the ongoing support of the outgoing administration.

“I look forward to re-establishing many relationships,” Robottom said.