With oil continuing to spew into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, what do you see as the biggest concern in the weeks and months ahead?

Published 12:30 pm Tuesday, May 11, 2010

c4aabd80-63c0-11e1-841c-001cc4c0325c Oil will infect the coastal wetlands and kill off the valuable barrier. 11
c4aabe2a-63c0-11e1-841d-001cc4c0325c Drastic depletion of sea life will cripple a valuable part of the Louisiana economy. 16
c4aabeac-63c0-11e1-841e-001cc4c0325c Continued loss of oil will lead to a surge in gas prices. 4
c4aabf24-63c0-11e1-841f-001cc4c0325c A hurricane threatening the Gulf Coast will push polluted water farther inland. 10
c4aabfa6-63c0-11e1-8420-001cc4c0325c The effects will be minimal. The media is blowing things out of proportion. 9