L’ Observateur’s ONLINE POLL

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 28, 2010

By David Vitrano


LAPLACE – Despite a number of political endorsements recently for both candidates in Saturday’s runoff election for St. John the Baptist Parish president, a large percentage of visitors to www.lobservateur.com said they are unswayed by such endorsements.

When L’Observateur asked its readers to give their opinion of political endorsements, nearly half of those who voted said they don’t care about them.

What’s more, nearly a quarter of respondents said they are against endorsements altogether.

Of those who thought political endorsements were OK, two-thirds thought anybody or any organization that wished to endorse a candidate should be allowed to do so. Only a combined 12 percent thought endorsements should be limited to certain organizations or people.

A full breakdown of responses follows:

• 22 percent of respondents chose “I am against political endorsements.”

• 5 percent of respondents chose “Endorsements are OK, but they should be limited to organizations or media outlets.”

• 7 percent of respondents chose “Endorsements are OK, but they should be limited to relevant political figures.”

• 25 percent of respondents chose “Anybody and any organization that wishes to do so should be able to endorse any candidate they please.”

• 42 percent of respondents chose “I don’t care about political endorsements.”