Family and friends

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A beautiful Sunday, perfect

weather and spending time with family and friends. It cannot get

any better than that. Sometimes we get so busy with everyday life, work, running kids to baseball practice or making a quick stop in the grocery store for bread and milk that we

forget how lucky we are to have so many good friends and a loving family.

This past Sunday was family day for the St. John Professional Firefighters. It

was nice to take time to enjoy each other while eating good food, playing cabbage ball and watching our

kids laughing while having a sack race.

It is so important, as the old saying says, “to stop and smell the roses”. Time passes us by so fast. Many of my brother fire fighters see some rough things out there on the job, and many of them work two jobs and are away from their families for an extended period of time, so it is nice to take the time to slow down and enjoy a beautiful day with family and friends.

Sometimes we forget that we have so much to be thankful for. We need to slow down and tell our love ones that we love them them or give them a hug. Take the time to smile at someone or tell someone thanks for doing what they do.

The St. John Fire Fighters want to thank the Reserve Bantam for letting us use the park to have our family day. We also want to remind everyone about the Relay For Life on May 1 at Riverside Academy. Please call if you want to sponsor a fire fighter.

Michael Heath is the President of the St. John Parish Professional Fire Fighters. He can be contacted at 504-799-8199.