Readers: Have a safe and happy Easter

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 3, 2010

This Sunday will be a fun time for children, and a time of reflection and hope for their parents as we all celebrate Easter.

Children will be looking out for the Easter bunny and searching high and low for brightly-colored Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies. Parents and other adults will be thinking about resurrection and how hope is the one human trait that keeps us going as a society.

Springtime is such an appropriate time for Easter. Not only do we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but we also celebrate the promise that spring brings with it. The weather warms up, grass and trees began to grow, and flowers bloom everywhere.

Even the dyed Easter eggs are symbolic of new life and new growth. Easter is also the end of Lent, a time of sacrifice and meditation. With Easter, we can now forgo our sacrifice and celebrate in the resurrection of life.

So when we sit down with our families for that traditional Easter Sunday dinner, let us be thankful for the new beginnings in our world. Let’s remember what Jesus sacrificed and what his resurrection signified for all of us.

There is always hope for a better world, hope for peace, prosperity and joy.

Though the news may be grim at times, let us start Easter Sunday with the thought that we have all been given another chance to celebrate life, so let us make the best of it.

Happy Easter, everyone.